• Art

    Most of my recent work has been in digital media though I have made a return to working in charcoal. I enjoy working in photography and using various programs to manipulate or enhance the photos. I also work in animation, video art, and 3-D modeling. For updates on my artwork, visit my  Facebook page, “The Art of Andy Jeter.”

  • Graphic Design

    My work in design has varied from web design projects to logo creation. I've created album artwork for Amsterdam Faya Allstars, The Apes FLA and Citrus Records as well as publicity such as flyers for several bands and events. While much of my graphic design work relates to ska music, I’ve also done work for my school district and various businesses.


  • Photography

  • Video and Animation

    My work in video production and post-production ranges from using special effects such as chroma key to simple linear video. I’ve worked with a variety of different types of animation as well ranging from more traditional forms such as stop-motion and time lapse animation to 3-D and morphing. Click “playlist”  in the player to access more videos.

  • Web Projects

    I occasionally do freelance web design work and currently serve as webmaster of the North Fort Myers High School Website. Past clients have included various bands and local businesses. As an avid ska music enthusiast, I create and curate ska related content through two of my online projects. I have created and operate the world’s largest ska music centered website, SKAspot.com, and a ska music internet radio station called SKAspot Radio.

  • Other Projects

    In conjunction with my SKAspot Radio and SKAspot.com project, I produced a compilation album called SKAspot Selections: Volume 1. It's currently available at http://skaspot.bandcamp.com for FREE (or a donation of your choice). All profits from sales of the compilation are used to defray the operational costs of the SKAspot projects and to make improvements.